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updateのやりかたは、ナレッジベースの中のUpdating ethOS to the Latest Versionに書いてあります。

1.Read the changelog for very important major changes.
2.Become physicaly local to your rigs. Do not update remotely.
3.Prior to updating, reboot your rig (a fresh rig is important for a successful update).
4.Immediately after your rig boots successfully, run the update: sudo ethos-update && sleep 5 && r (do not interrupt it)
NOTE: slow USB 2.0 drives may have trouble updating.
5.After your rig updates, it will reboot. Watch your rig come up.
6.If your rig fails immediately after updating and rebooting, reupdate your rig: sudo ethos-update reupdate && sleep 5 && r
7.If reupdate fails, reimage to your supported Drive. Reply to any gpuShack email if you bought ethOS and have trouble downloading it.

sudo ethos-update && sleep 5 && r

reupdate your rig: sudo ethos-update reupdate && sleep 5 && r

Reply to any gpuShack email if you bought ethOS and have trouble downloading it.
と、購入した時にgpuShackから来たメールに返信して、新たにダウンロードからやり直し? ということでしょうか?



Major Changes
Added claymore-xmr Claymore XMR miner.
Added dstm-zcash NVIDIA equihash miner for Zcash and Bitcoin Gold, resulting in faster hashrate.
Set up dedicated server for stats panel.
Added historical graphs for GPU voltages on stats panel.
Added update-miners command that updates all miners on ethOS to their latest versions.
Added ethOS bootloader option "reset-config" to reset configs to stock defaults (to prevent config-caused rig crashes).
Added rigpool1 rigpool2 rigpoolpass1 rigpoolpass2 wallet "per-rig" config definitons.
Added nvflash 5.414.0 to ethOS.
Improved ethminer hashrate when running on some NVIDIA GPUs.

Bug Fixes
Fixed cases where globalfan did not set correctly on some NVIDIA GPUs.
Added better support for more installed GPUs.
Fixed logical race condition that occured if no GPUs are detected.
Added better config support for setting GPU voltage.
Updated all miners to their latest stable versions.
Fixed cases where gpu VRAM sizes were not gathered properly when over 8 GPUs are installed.
Fixed cases where pwr would not work correctly if the globaldesktop disabled config option was set.
Added better screen lock support with lockscreen enabled in config or when using lock command.
Optimized stats panel JSON API delivery.
Optimized service to work more reliably.
Optimized stats panel to perform more reliably.
Fixed permissions problem with claymore miners that prevented -tt option from being used.
Fixed API bind error associated with ewbf-zcash that prevented it from reporting stats.
Fixed ethminer proxy bug that prevented per-rig wallets from applying correctly.
Fixed various NVIDIA-related bugs by updating to NVIDIA driver to 384.90
Added support for more Intel network cards with new ixgbe driver.
Optimized rig webhook reporting.
Added support for Supermicro onboard graphics.
Fixed several iGPU failure cases.
Optimized ethminer selection based on driver, to reduce CPU usage.
Optimized find-gpu to operate its fan adjustment correctly.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup

Added update-miners guide to ethOS knowledge base.
Reworded ethOS preboot GPU detection screen to be less wordy.
Added GPU count to ethOS desktop display.
Optimized ethOS log cleaning functions.
Optimized ethOS hash monitoring functions.
Optimized ethOS mining monitor functions to reduce CPU usage.
Optimized collection of CPU name and Core Count, and condensed them to report more accurately in stats panel.
Added "loc" in parenthesis next to rig name in ethOS desktop display (if used).
Added ethOS favico to all user-facing web pages.
Added better support for displaying NVIDIA GPUs, models/VBIOS on rig desktop, and on stats panel (under "name").
Added claymore dualminer hash reporting in stats panel in hover under "hashes"
Added tooltip to stats panels that detects possible rig hacks.
Added support for NVIDIA p10x/1070ti make/model reporting.
Added support for more RX 560 make/model reporting.
Fixed problem that prevented ccminer from reporting its version correctly.

NVIDIA equihash miner for Zcash and Bitcoin Gold, resulting in faster hashrate.

Improved ethminer hashrate when running on some NVIDIA GPUs.



Major Changes
Updated dstm-zcash to version 0.5.5.
Added advice to Knowledge Base: Remove -tt from /home/ethos/*.stub.conf (using claymore fan control will break globalfan).

Bug Fixes
Fixed regression in UEFI bootloader which caused some rigs to be unable to boot correctly in UEFI mode.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Fixed claymore-xmr version display on stats panel.


Ethereum、Monero、Zcash それぞれどれくらいパフォーマンスが上がるのか? 楽しみです。

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